Let’s be honest – we’re all busy. But you won’t be able to squeeze all the marrow out of the program without participating actively in every session. (And your peers will miss you – the interaction is a part of the value!) We encourage you to block off the dates on your calendar now!  Note that you are welcome to bring a key team member during the Marketing and Finance modules, for a nominal additional fee).

Module 1: Strategic Planning & Management

Kickoff & Pre-event webinar – 90 Minutes (virtual): June 2, 11 am EDT / 8am PDT
Strategic Planning and Management Module: June 28-30, 2016 * Chicago, IL
Follow-up webinar, date TBD, August 2016
1:1 Strategy Development Sessions: Individually Scheduled with Faculty

Module 2: Marketing Management (*guest welcome)

Marketing Management Session: September 14-16, 2016 * Minneapolis, MN
1:1 Marketing Plan Development Sessions: Individually Scheduled

Module 3: Financial Management (*guest welcome)

Pre-event webinar: date TBD, October 2016
Financial Management Session: November 1-3, 2016 * Pacific Northwest (Location TBD)
Follow-up webinar: date TBD, December 2016

Module 4: Integrated Executive Leadership Capstone

Capstone & Certification / Graduation Session: February 1-3, 2017 * Atlanta, GA

In addition to the pre- and post- webinars, each physical session is built for two full days of interaction (going well into the evenings). In general, the schedule will run as follows:

  • Day One: morning arrival, session starts at 2pm and runs through 9pm
  • Day Two: all day sessions, including evening breakout/simulation work
  • Day Three: group finishes with lunch and airport transfers begin at 2pm