Aaaaaah, now I see it.

You know that moment where everything crystallizes in your mind? That’s the feeling that the Capstone course will give you. All the foundational subject matter from the strategy, marketing, and finance courses will come together in two days – a dynamic crescendo of interaction.

Humans learn best by doing. As a part of the Capstone, EAGL participants will collaborate to put their skills to the test on an actual ‘business turnaround’ – not a case study, but an actual business who brings their problems to the wise EAGL cohort for guidance.

“What would you do?”

By exercising the strategic business muscles you’ve developed over a year of conscientious executive training, you’ll reinforce your own skills while helping another business find guidance at a critical point for their success. Stronger individual businesses create a more vibrant industry, and that rising tide lifts all boats. .

. . . and then what?

Your year together will undoubtedly have created new friendships, a network of key professional contacts that you have come to rely on. Each EAGL cohort, as their year comes to a close, will determine for themselves the level of future interaction that they desire to maintain. Perhaps there are new formal collaborations to be forged, or new opportunities to explore.

Infinite possibilities.

We look forward to the journey, and to seeing what you create together

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