Are you trying to be everything to everybody?

(You’re not alone.) Too many companies do: they fail to identify and sustain the elements that lead to competitive advantage and focus intently on those things. They waste time and money in markets that may never give them a worthwhile return on investment. While they flounder, competitors pass them by.

No matter the location, ownership structure or even the size of your company, you can be prepared for the challenges of today’s rapidly changing green industry. Strategy and innovation are the keys to success in the new post-Great Recession paradigm.

First, you need a forward-thinking strategy that will help your company gain that competitive edge. (Making this strategy work is the next challenge.)

We’ve got you covered.

Using contemporary approaches in innovative executive education, EAGL participants in the Strategic Management module will learn better practices in:

  • Internal (firm-level) and external (industry-level) assessment of the strategy environment
  • Crafting business strategy in hypercompetitive conditions
  • Implementation and governance in dynamic contexts
  • Strategic planning

Plan your work, work your plan

EAGL’s Strategic Management module sets the stage for the Marketing Management and Financial Management courses in the EAGL curriculum, then (a year later), the Capstone course will tie it all together in an applicable way.

This isn’t a classroom:
it’s a laboratory, a dynamic dialogue & interactive simulation

Learning alongside a select group of peers through the use of case studies, business simulations, and experiential exercises, you will gain a better understanding of how to develop and manage a successful strategic business plan. You’ll return to your company better prepared (and with a toolbox full of the tools of strategic analysis) to apply the assets and capabilities of your business in ways that truly build sustainable competitive advantage.

Professional skills, personal rewards

This launch session of the EAGL program will bring you up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of strategy as well as sharpen your professional leadership skills. Sharing real-life experiences among industry peers will also stimulate critical thinking and real-world problem solving. Your broader managerial skills will also be enhanced, leading to increased personal effectiveness in your business, family, and community interactions.

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